3 Years of Bio’s New Direction

Lungi Bridge: Missing in Action

200 Buses: Missing in Action

Tapalapa Bread Factory: Missing in Action

Transportation Constraints: Active in Action

Hardship: Active in Action

Police Killings: Active in Action

Corruption: Active in Action

Propaganda: Active in Action

Price Increase: Active in Action

Sierra Leoneans are yet to see any tangible development promised by President Bio under his New Direction. Within three years, President Bio has got little or nothing to show for all his promises. The President, in marking his 3 years in office, struggled to convince Sierra Leoneans about tangible development projects initiated by his government. Many believe that President Bio’s three years have been more of a curse than blessings to us as a nation. Whilst his political propagandists are of the view that the President has made some improvements, members of the opposition political parties believe that the New Directions has got little or nothing to show for their three years in office, other than hardship, corruption, lies, and many more. Public scrutiny, fuelled by revelations of monumental corruption in the Bio Presidency by the Africanist Press, have adversely affected the trust and confidence Sierra Leoneans have in the government, and this has seen government operatives strenuously trying to convince the masses that there is progress and the New Direction is on course. Some school of thoughts are of the view that President Bio is not in charge, whilst others believe that the First Lady, Madam Fatima Bio, is the defacto President and head of state. This, they say, is evident with issues surrounding the operations of the New Direction.

Madam Bio has been caught in the middle of corruption allegation, which has brought the Bio government in the spot light, as citizens question the President’s commitment to curb corruption. To make matters worse, the response of the First Lady to all those allegations has further compounded the problem, and has caused more damage than solution.

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